Windows Update Trouble Shooting

Updates of Windows

Microsoft Frequently releases updates for Various versions of the Windows operating system to repair bugs and problems associated with safety, reliability, stability, and performance. All these Windows updates include security upgrades, optional updates, recommended updates in addition to important significant updates. These updates have been downloaded and installed from the built-in Windows Update program. It checks for new updates and downloads and installs them to maintain Windows up-to-date.

If You’re using Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 operating system, this guide can help you. Many times, we face problems associated with the Windows Update program. Sometimes Windows Update can not check for new updates and shows error messages with different error codes. Sometimes Windows Update keeps checking for updates for hours and has stuck/frozen or sometimes crashes.

Sometimes it finds new updates but not able to install or download them. Sometimes Windows Update downloads and installs an update and if it checks for new updates, it finds exactly the same update and if it attempts to download exactly the same update again, it throws an error message.

There are many issues and problems associated with Into Windows Update app and all of us face these problems from time to time in the Windows operating system.

The Troubleshooter in Windows

Microsoft provides a formal fix it tool “Windows Update Troubleshooter” to help Windows users in solving all issues associated with Windows Update. This tool can be found for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 operating systems

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1. Built-In Windows 10 Update Trouble-shooter
  • Open the “Control Panel,” then type “Troubleshooting” in the search bar present at the top or simply search for the latter via Cortana.

windows-10 CP


  • Click on “Fix Problems with Windows Update” below the System and Security section at the bottom of the results.

Fix Problems with Windows


  • Click on “Advanced” in the bottom left corner and select “Run as administrator.” This will again open the trouble-shooter as an administrator, which is excellent for troubleshooting and applying fixes.

windows-10 CP Advanced

  • Now, click “Next” to begin troubleshooting Windows update problems.

windows-10 CP next

This may take a few seconds.


  • If it discovers any issues, it’ll give solutions and fixes. Follow any prompts to run through the trouble-shooter at this stage as it’ll vary from Computer to Computer.


  • If you find no issues, you can select “Explore additional options” to get more help online or from Microsoft directly.


2. Another way if Trouble Shooting


  • First of all, download the windows update downloader by the link here.


  • Now run the Windows Update Troubleshooter tool and you’ll get the following screen:
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Windows Update Trouble Shooting

  • Click on the “Advanced” option given at the bottom of the dialogue box and then click on the “Run as administrator” option. It’ll reload the trouble-shooter tool with administrator rights.


  • Now tap on Next button and the tool will begin troubleshooting all problems associated with Windows Update active in your system.


  • Once it discovers a problem, it’ll indicate you 2 buttons:


  1. Apply this fix. You can click on the “Apply this fix” button to fix the problem instantly.


  1. Skip this fix. You can tap on the “Skip this fix” button, If you think that the problem found by the tool is not necessary or you don’t want to fix that problem and the tool will carry on with the troubleshooting process.


  • Once it finds and fixes all problems present in your computer system, it’ll show a synopsis of all problems checked and found in your computer system.

Windows Update fixes

That’s it. Now you can use Windows Update again in your computer system without any problem.