windows-10 start popup

What is the Start Menu in Windows 10?

After you Tap the Start button (That Is found in the bottom left side of your display) a menu appears. This menu provides you a quick and effortless approach to each the software and system folders which are on your PC.

The latest Windows 10 Start menu is redesigned and filled with Microsoft’s slick Fluent layout terminology, but it requires a little bit of work to really get its tabs and the rest of the tricks.

What’s on Windows 10 build 20161

Released in Windows 10 build 20161, the Elegant Start menu seems to be part of a few A/B testing, therefore not all of Windows Insiders will also get it. But there is a workaround which should make it possible for you to get it on your PC right now

Microsoft clarifies the refreshed Start Menu as providing “a more streamlined design” by applying” a Uniform, partly transparent background to the tabs” instead of solid color backgrounds. Obviously, third party Windows software still have heavily contrasting tiles.

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Obtaining Windows 10, 20161 now needs living Life with just a tiny risk, since you are going to need to set your PC on the Windows Insider Dev cycle. This is the cycle for analyzing features as early as possible, therefore You are opening yourself up to more bugs than anybody else. And this really is Windows 10 we are talking about, which does not require any help with exposing users to more bugs.

How to get the Windows 10 Start menu


Click the Start menu button

windows-10 start

It will show the popup menu.

windows-10 start popup

This popup menu contains the list of all applications that are installed on your PC. This list of applications is arranged in alphabetic order.

windows-10 start apps

On the very left side of the Start Menu, there is a list that shows the power button, pictures tab, document tab, and laptop user info tab.

windows-10 start power

We can use these options for further working i.e. power button: to shut down, restart, and sleep options.

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windows-10 start shutdown restart