windows full screen shortcut

The shortcut key to toggle between full screen and normal in Windows/Chrome

Generally, for Google Chrome and other popular browsers such as Microsoft Edge, the F11 key is the typical full display shortcut on Windows 10 and other versions. With the complete display shortcut F11, you may set your browser window into or out of full-screen mode promptly.

windows full screen shortcut

And under the full-screen mode, it hides things such as the address bar and other unnecessary things from view so you can concentrate on the internet content.

To exit full-screen mode is also quite convenient. You simply have to press the F11 key again. Then you’re out of the complete screen mode.

For other programs

When display space is at a premium and you simply need some software on your display, press ALT+ENTER (Windows) or COMMAND+ENTER (Mac). The program will enlarge to full screen, hiding the menu bar, toolbar, and title bar. To restore, simply press Alt+Enter or Command+Input.

Other useful keyboard shortcuts

Following are a few quick shortcuts for different programs

  • F11 – Explorer, Browsers, etc..
  • Ctrl+L – Adobe Reader, Acrobat
  • Input – KM Player, POT Player
  • F key is the shortcut key for YouTube
  • Ctrl+S: Saves the content of the file. For example, word document.
  • Ctrl+C: Copies the content e.g. text, file(s) etc.
  • Ctrrl+C: Paste the copied content
  • Ctrl+X: Cuts the selected content/files etc.
  • Windows key + Up arrow: Maximize the window.
  • windows full screen short: Minimize selected window.