How to Clean the Keyboard of your PC

How to Clean the Keyboard of your PC

If you use your computer on daily basis, then your keyboard is likely among the dirtiest areas. Your keyboard is one of your crucial peripherals, yet it’s bound to obtain blocked with dust and gunk gradually. Whether it’s a sticky key from the juice you spilled, food crumbs, or oils on your fingers, your keyboard is a mess.

You can make those keys shine again with only a little effort. There are plenty of means to clean depending upon what affects your workspace. Right, here’s how to clean your keyboard, and free your keys from dirt, debris, as well as grime.

How to clean your External keyboard

Unplug your keyboard

Hold up the keyboard, turn it so the keys are facing the surface, and tap the bottom (not so hard), holding it at different angles. It will certainly allow any loosened particles fall out naturally. If you have a container of pressed air, utilize it to blow loosened any type of extra particles.

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Dampen a cotton swab with scrubbing alcohol as well as use it to clean up around the keys. The cotton bud ought to be wet, however not dripping.

If you have a toothpick as well as see any kind of particularly persistent debris, utilize it to carefully remove that debris now.

Utilize the completely dry lint-free cloth to remove the last of the dirt, as well as polish your keyboard.

To clean out the sticky keys, we’ll require to pop off the keys and tidy the keyboard better. If you have a standard keyboard, you’ll be able to discover references to where all the keys should go if you do not already have the layout remembered.


For a custom keyboard, it will be really helpful to draw a quick map or take a picture with your camera so you recognize where every little thing belongs when you go to place points back with each other.

For desktop computer keyboards, take a butter knife or a screwdriver and attempt to pry up one edge of the keys. You do not require to use a lot of force.

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How to clean your laptop keyboard


A laptop keyboard is, fittingly, the keyboard that’s constructed into your laptop or notebook.

First things first, make sure it’s powered off and unplugged.

While it’s open, carefully rotate your laptop keyboard upside-down, to ensure that any type of loose particles befalls. You can tap it, but do not tap it aggressively in case you lose grip.

Utilize the disinfecting wipes to cleanse the tops of the keyboard keys, making use of the light pressure of your palm.

Keep in mind, not to dip the keyboard in disinfectant yet rather to give it a quick once-over, so you might want to press the wipes out beforehand to reduce moisture on your keyboard.

Use a completely dry fabric or towelette to remove the last of the dirt as well as give your keyboard a polish.

Ultimately, polish with a microfiber towel to make it appear like brand-new.

Make sure to let the keyboard completely dry out prior to using your laptop again.

bonus tip: You can also use a silicone cover which you can also customize according to your choice. The silicone cover over your keypad will protect it from any dirt and debris and prevent spills to some extent.

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