How to Take Good Care of Your Headphone (or Earphones)

How to Take Good Care of Your Headphones (or Earphones)

The escape to another world that earphones and headphones allow even when in public spaces is essential to staying sane while treating other people around you pleasantly and respectfully. When it concerns earphones, most of us desire a premium listening experience without giving up convenience and reliability.

High quality earphones aren’t cheap and failing to take good care of them can cause their sound efficiency to deteriorate over-time or result in total damage. Headphones, despite their price and quality, will break down quickly if you use them carelessly.

Here are a few standard pointers that will certainly help you obtain the most out of your earphones, guaranteeing they sound their best and also continue to be in tip-top form for many years to come.

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Caring and storing them properly


Proper storage of your earphones is your very first line of protection. As opposed to wrapping the cable around your device or bunching it up, disconnect the earphones from your device and coil it using either the “over-over” or “over-under” approach. After the cord is curled effectively, place your earphones and cable in their case or pouch. Numerous earphone problems are the outcome of a cable failurecaused by stretching or tearing.

Keep your earphones in a case

Store your earbuds in a protective case after you are done using it. Roll the earphones in a loose coil before storing it.

Do not roll your cables in tight loops


It may look neat, but you should avoid exposing your headphone wires to unneeded stress and pressure. Tight loops, as well as knots, will actually stretch and soften the cords as you roll, permanently damaging the internal wires.

Pull out the plug, not the cord


The majority of people, tug at the cord or cable instead of the plug that is directly connected to the source. You ought to hold and draw the connector while eliminating the earphone from the audio source. Pulling the wire will put extra pressure on the connector which will ultimately harm it.

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Don’t turn the volume too high


Trying to avoid maximum volume while listening to your favorite track can be handy to maintain your pair of earphones in good condition. Turning the music up too high can additionally cause the audio speakers to blow, which consequently problems your earphone, and also as you know that extreme audio levels while listening to songs can also harm your hearing.

Tidy your earbuds


Remove the rubber from the earbuds and tidy them with a moist towel. Utilize a cotton swab dipped in water to get rid of all the dust as well as wax that might be stuck in inner hard-to-reach areas. Delicately tidy the cable if it has accumulated dirt. Look for dirt on your headphones often and also provide a fast clean down with a soft towel.

Avoid sleeping with your earphones on

Trying to prevent wearing your wired earphones while sleeping can also be a safety measure for your set of earphones. Rolling over your earphone while sleeping can bend or break your earphone cables which bring about damage to the earphone.

Do not leave earphones plugged in

Keeping headphones connected while not being used deteriorates the jack’s inner springs. Unplugging your earphone after usage will protect the audio connector and the delicate area where the cable attaches to the jack.

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