How to Connect Your Smartphone with Your TV

How to Connect Your Smartphone with Your TV

Connecting your phone to a smart TV is a wonderful method to look at images, watch movies, videos, music, images, games, online TV programs, applications, as well as a lot more on the huge HD or 4K display in your living room.

Connecting your smartphone with a smart TV can result in an excellent match. Most of us have extra smart devices in our houses than in the past, however, we do not recognize how to easily share content between. That’s due to the fact that we assume that doing this will be a whole lot more headache than it is.

The sort of phone and TV that you have identifies just how you connect the two gadgets. You can link your phone to your smartTV in multiple means. Yet the most preferred means is wireless.

Now that the majority of TVs have built-in wi-fi, it’s easier than ever to connect your smartphones. But if there is anything missing, right here are a couple of things that can figure out your issue as well as bring ease to your life.

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Connect with HDMI

The most reliable means to get your phone connected to the TV is with an HDMI. Virtually every TV will have an HDMI port of some kind, which is used to transfer both audio and video from the same resource.


Your phone won’t have an HDMI port, however, there are handy adaptors that will certainly bolt HDMI ports onto your phone’s USB Type-C, micro-USB, or lightning ports. Now connect it, make sure your cable is compatible with that connection and enjoy watching.

Connect with Chromecast

Connecting with Chromecast to the TV lets you display your phone or tablet screen on the TV screen. This indicates you could display anything on your television, applications, and also video games that would not typically sustain casting. Make sure your Chromecast and mobile phone are on the same network.


Open the Chromecast app on your phone or tablet. Select Cast Screen and afterward click Cast Display again on the following display. You’ll then select the Chromecast you wish to connect with, and your device’s display will certainly now be mirrored on your television.

Chromecast Ultra works with iOS as well as Android phones, including the Pixel 4 XL, Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max, and Samsung Galaxy S10+. Utilize your phone like a remote control to skip content, pause or rewind your preferred scene. Or go totally hands-free by issuing commands over your Google Home

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iPhone to Chromecast

Get your Chromecast connected to the exact same internet that your iPhone is running of. Once the application is installed you will be able to forecast content straight to your TV. If any of the applications that you have on your iPhone work with Chromecast, they will certainly currently show a small corner symbol.

Now you will have the ability to open up different apps as well as begin mirroring your content. When streaming TV and movie apps like Netflix and Hulu, you will be able to use your smart device as your remote.


Casting is the process of wirelessly streaming content from your phone or tablet, by connecting to the same Wi-Fi network as your television. Smart device applications like All Cast will have the ability to cast directly to the TV for you, though a lot of contemporary Android phones (Android 4.2 onwards) and Windows tools (Windows 8.1 onwards) will certainly sustain the Miracast casting standard.

It is very easy to spot when you can cast something due to the fact that you’ll see a particular icon. You’ll usually see the icon on video apps such as YouTube as well as Netflix. If you select the icon, it will certainly then bring up a listing of tools that content can be cast to. Merely select your TV and the photo will be presented.

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Connect with USB

Many smart phones’ charging cables have a USB connector, to conveniently connect with laptop computers or power adaptors– yet if your TV has a USB port, this is a basic method of getting your data onscreen. You’re practically transferring files to open up on the TV, instead of transferring your phone’s display screen.

Screen Mirroring


Newer TVs have screen mirroring software integrated in. You will normally need to head right into your network menu to enable it. You might additionally see ‘wi-fi direct in the same menu.

This software makes it possible for file-sharing between gadgets without the requirement for an internet connection. It’s worth turning this on too, as it’s one more potential means of getting what’s on your phone onto your television.