How you can find your power IC is damaged?

As a whole, we can find this IC power on gadgets that utilize battery power as well as can be recharged such as feature phones, smartphones, tablets, laptops, and so on. There are different kinds of ICs, like programmable ICs, memory chips, logic ICs, power management ICs, and interface ICs.

In a laptop, Aa semiconductor wafer on which there are millions of small resistors, capacitors, and transistors are assembled is called an integrated circuit (IC), likewise known as a chip or microchip. The IC can work as an amplifier, oscillator, timer, counter, computer memory, or microprocessor.

Relying on its designated use, an offered integrated circuit is identified as linear (analog) or digital. The Power IC is a really essential component for your laptop. It is the bridge between the power source as well as the various other components of your laptop.

Causes Behind Power IC Failure

  1. These are the possible causes behind the failure of the power IC of your laptop.
  2. Faulty power cord.
  3. Loose or broken power jack.
  4. Circuit damage or malfunctions.
  5. When your laptop gets overheated.
  6. They also get damaged due to power outages or fluctuations.
  7. Quality/design of the IC used in the laptop.
  8. Power surge

A power surge is essentially a spike in your home’s electric current. The spike is very brief, normally lasting less than a thousandth of a second, however, it can still trigger extreme damage to the power area (which includes the power IC) of equipment or even any other of your house devices. Among one of the most usual sources of power, rise is lightning.

  1. Dry Joints
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The dry joint can cause an extended recurring mild arc as well as at some point creating the FET to get shorted and the power IC will be burnt too.

Signs of Damaged Power IC

  • Battery does not charge when charged


The initial sign is that the laptop battery is not charged after charging Also when the battery is charged before, the battery indicator can charge properly. For this component, we do not need to rush to conclusion whether the damages originated from IC Power. Because it could be damage stemming from the battery itself and even from the battery charger.

  • You Plugged in the Charger – But not charging

There are the words “Plugged in, Not Charging” show up. The notice suggests that the laptop’s source of power is not the battery. As soon as you disconnect the charger, the laptop will automatically shut down.

  • Charger indicator light


The feature of this indicator light shows that the charging procedure remains in progress. It likewise shows the completion of battery charging in some laptop computers. On charging light will certainly be red but after complete charging, it will turn white.

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If the IC power is damaged, then the indication lights may not turn on or the lights do not change either when still charging or the battery is full. It is very easy enough to see the distinction.

  • Laptop is completely dead

For this part, it can be claimed to have actually gotten to the most severe level. Power IC that is really damaged is among the root causes of an overall laptop fatality although using an adapter. If, the IC power is damaged, after that the electric power cannot be dispersed evenly which ensures that the laptop cannot be turned on. As a result of this complete dead laptop, various other computer elements can be harmed to comply with.