7 Lifesaving Google Map Tips

7 Lifesaving Google Map Tips

Whether you’re examining to see how much traffic is on the way or you’re traveling to the place you’ve never ever been. Google Maps has actually changed the means we navigate the world. It’s difficult to think about life without Google Maps. Memorizing routes as well as printing out driving instructions looks like a remote memory in a world where a detailed map of any place is offered at a moment with a single click.

Map applications have actually so extensively transformed the way we travel. Google Maps is very easy to use if you want to quickly and also conveniently create a route map, yet there’s even more to it, too: Under the hood, it provides some rather advanced performance.

Here are 7 ways to the most out of Google Maps, from one-handed use to offline location tracking.

1. Google’s Live View

It can be challenging attempting to follow a tiny blue dot to figure out where you’re going yet with google live view you can see specifically where you’re passing holding up your phone screen. The function utilizes your video camera to scan the structures around you as well as puts a huge arrowhead on the screen to help you discover the precise location you need to be in. To utilize this, you need to follow these steps.

  1. In the Google Maps app, enter your destination and tap Directions.
  2. Select the walking icon on top of the map display.
  3. Under the screen, touch the Live View button. It lies next to the Start button.
  4. Aim your camera at the structures and signs on the street. When you begin walking towards your location, huge arrowheads and the street name will certainly appear on your screen to assist you.
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2. Download Maps for offline use

There could be times when your phone loses service or you are out of civilization, or when you’re taking a trip without the luxury of data connection. These circumstances indicate only one point no more loading map tiles. Fortunately, Google Maps allows you to download your path ahead of time to make sure that you never have to worry about getting lost.

  1. To get going, tap Offline maps from the application menu 3 lines on the top left.
  2. Tap Select your own map to specify a section of the map yourself.
  3. Tap Download. The map for the area you’ve picked will now be readily available to you offline.

3. Customize Your Map Vehicle Icon

It’s feasible in Google Maps to alter the icon that shows your location. By default, this is a blue arrow, but if you remain in driving navigating mode, you can turn it right into an extra enjoyable vehicle icon. Tap on the symbol that shows your present location. You’ll see 3 choices you can alter the conventional symbol to a vehicle, a pick-up vehicle, or an SUV.

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4. Mark Location of Parked Vehicle

The next time you park your vehicle, boot Google Maps and tap on the blue dot that reveals your location. When a menu pops up, choose “Set as parking location” to leave a marker on your map for later so you can quickly locate your vehicle when you’re ready to leave.

5. Go incognito

If you do not want Google Maps to remember your location, ensure to put yourself in Incognito Mode before you set to go. This way, no record of your trip will be kept in the Maps application. To do this, you need to follow these steps:


  1. Juttap your account profile in the top right corner of the display.
  2. Hit Incognito Mode, and you’re excellent to go.
  3. And whenever you desire Google Maps to start keeping tabs again, you can change it off by doing the same actions and hitting “Turn off Incognito Mode.”
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6. Share Location with Buddies

If you’re meeting a friend, this feature makes it easy for them to track you down.

Open Google Maps and pull up the options menu located in the top left corner.

Select “Location sharing.” From here it depends on you for how much time you want to show your location as well as who to share it with.

7. Measure any Distance

Utilizing the right-click tool, you can likewise determine the distance of any two points on Earth. For this,

  1. Select “Measure distance,” which will drop a point signified by a white dot with a vibrant black line.
  2. After that click anywhere else on the map and the distance in between the points will be determined.
  • Keep clicking to include even more points on the map. The total journey distance will be computed in the main card.