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Smart Tricks/Tips you should know about smartphones

In this guide, a few simple tips, tricks, or hacks are shared that you may use to enhance your smartphone experience.

Repair Cracked chargers

smartphone charger

After some time of usage, smartphone chargers have a tendency to begin to crack, bend, and break. Reinforce them with heat shrink tubing and yarn. Simply wrap the tube around the broken part and lightly warm using a hairdryer until it melts to a comfortable fit. Then wrap with vibrant yarn to get an excess layer of security.

Enhance audio recording by covering your phone mic

You would not think that it is logical, however you can in fact enhance your sound quality on videos by covering your mic. The main reason is that it muffles background sound, allowing you clearly listen to the major audio stream. Simply use a finger to cover the mic as you’re shooting your video.

Make your smartphone flashlight an emergency light

smartphone flashlight

Phone flashlights are fast replacing regular flashlights because many people have their telephone on them constantly. But these phone flashlights may be harsh on the eyes. To soften and distribute light, place your phone face down on a hard surface so the flashlight is facing upwards, then cover with a cup or jar of water. It’ll turn that harsh beam to some DIY lamp that offers emergency light.


Quantify using your smartphone

Turns out, in the 21st century, you do not want a tape to measure length, width, or height. Your smartphone is “smart” enough to do that. You simply need an app to do so. It is possible to measure virtually anything from the elevation of your own cup into the width of a playground. There are loads of cool programs at the Play Store as well as in the App Store lining up (pun intended) to be set to use.

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Use a thick pencil/marker along with a hairdryer to flip a very long charger cable to a coil cord.

smartphone cord

If you are tired of wrangling with lengthy charging wires, turn them into spiral strings in only a couple of minutes. Wrap the cable around a thick marker and operate a hairdryer on low heat for a moment or two before the cable remains in place. Hurray — you have a charger that is simple to manage but may also be elongated.

Accelerate charging time Without Even turning off Your Phone

We have all been told in order to make our telephones charge quicker, we will need to power down them while they are plugged in.

But there is really no need. Only turn your telephone to airplane mode while it charges and you will reduce your charging period. And, since we have also been told, do not use it while it is plugged.

Use a pen spring to save damaged charger

smartphone pen

Another, even more easy approach to safeguard broken chargers is using a pen spring. We have taken apart a pen before when we were tired through class and discovered the very small spring interior that is used for loading pens. Gently bend to expand enough to fit round the charger, then squeeze back down to dimensions till the cable fits snugly round the cord.

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Store your valuables on your Telephone case

In case you don’t enjoy keeping an eye on a telephone and a pocket (or worse, a handbag ) when you venture outside, there is a much simpler way to maintain your own personal possessions protected. Just place them between your phone and phone case for simple storage. This works for money, credit cards, along with your I.D.

Protect your phone from damage from moisture Using a Ziploc bag

If you are going into the pool or the beach, ensure to pop up your telephone to a plastic bag for simple protection. It is too simple to acquire a mobile phone wet and cause irreparable harm. What is more, you do not even need to take out your phone to use it. In reality, a lot of men and women use this hack to take their cell phones with them to the shower!

Have a picture of your area in a parking lot to remember where your car is

There is nothing more irritating than getting lost in a crowded parking lot since you cannot recall where you parked your vehicle. It is possible to address the issue by snapping a photo of something familiar nearby, while it is a marked part of the parking lot (“Lot A”) or something different. No straining your mind to recall where you were!

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Enhance phone signal by Airplane Mode

If you are in a location where your telephone is fighting to connect into the tower, then there is a very simple hack which only requires a couple of seconds. Simply switch your smartphone over to plane mode quite temporarily, then turn off it. Airplane mode helps your smartphone locate the best available signal nearby, so it is a fantastic way to help when you are stuck with no support.

Increase battery life by less brightness

If your battery is getting low, there are a couple of approaches in which you can keep it as long as you can — or at least till it is possible to get a charger. Another simple method is to turn your display brightness as less as possible. You will still have the ability to view, but you will not be draining the battery lifetime.