How to Share Location Via Text Message/ SMS on Android

How to Share Location Via Text Message/ SMS on Android

Imagine you are stuck in a remote area with almost no internet connection in which you intend to share your location with friends or family members. Currently, there are several means to share the area, but most of them need the internet. Nonetheless, if you do have cellular connectivity, you can utilize the extensively disregarded feature- SMS for the same.

Keep reading to learn how to share location via text message on your android smartphone.

Send Location via SMS by Google Maps

Google Maps is the front runner of every smartphone user when it pertains to place pinpointing. It will use your default messaging application to send out the address as a text message. Follow the steps listed below.

Step 1:Open the Google Maps app, and locate the location you want to share. You’ll see a red pin icon on the map, with the address below. Otherwise, press the blue dot if you intend to share your current location.

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Step 2: Tap the address, and also a share option will appear. Touch the “Share” button. You must currently see a list of your contacts. You can choose one from the listing, or choose your default messaging application to send out the location to a person that is not in your call listing.

It will send GPS coordinates of the place with a link. The link can be opened on an internet browser or Google Maps application.

Using this technique, you can share your current area without net (via SMS). As well as, you can do it with more ease, if you have saved your city maps for offline use.

Share Your Location on Android Phone Using Text Message

The fantastic thing about this tutorial is that it does not rely upon a rooted Android smart device. So, let’s explore the best and easy approach to promptly share your place in a text on Android.

Step 1: Firstly, head to the Google Play Store and download and install the Android Messages application. This is when if you do not already have it on your android phone. Just make sure that you accept every one of the consents and also let the app install appropriately on the device.

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Step 2: Ensure to establish the Android Messages as a default messaging application for Android. This is needed for every kind of feature to work with this gadget.

Step 3: Open up the application and afterward choose to create the new message, pick the contact for which you want to share the message, and afterward write the message.

Tap on the plus icon as well as choose the location option.

Step 4:GPS will certainly now search for your current location and also it will point it to Google Maps. Just select your location as well as accept it for the message.

Once authorized you shall have the ability to get the location thumbnail inside the message.

Just share far from the message right to the get in touch with by clicking the arrow button and then you will be done. Your place will be shared immediately with the other end.

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