World’s Very Charming Cat Breeds

World’s Very Charming Cat Breeds

Felines may get a bum rap but they can be sweet and lively companions. They’re likewise some of the most beautiful animals on Earth and no two types look precisely the very same. Who doesn’t like petting an adorable feline, or snuggling with a lovable kitten?

While every feline brings in his/her own right, there are a few that tend to stick out to the general public. From distinctive markings to sensational coats and charmingly adorable characters, take a look at 10 of the prettiest cat breeds around, discover what makes people love these cute kittens, find a little about their characters, and learn which of these pretty cats might be ideal for you.

1.Persian Cat

The long-haired and elegant Persian cats are one of the earliest and most popular feline breeds in the world. It is stated to be this attractive cat type came from Persia (former name of Iran). The remarkable coat of the Persian cat has more than 80 color variations including white, black, blue, chocolate, red, cream, silver, and lilac.

The eyes of Persian cats come in deep blue, blue-green, or brown colors. The medium-sized Persian cat has a rounded head, complete cheek, large-rounded eyes, and short nose. The Persian cats are extremely affectionate and they demand your attention.

Most of the feline lovers like to own Persian cats because of their peaceful and calm nature. They never leap or climb up inside your house. They like to invest most of their time with home members and other family pets.



Siberian Cats are absolutely mesmerizing. Fluffy, long, and shiny coats is what they have and yes, they are indeed incredible cats. Undeniably, they are cuddly, as in they might purr for hours if you brush them.

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3.Turkish Angora

This natural breed (which has actually existed in Turkey since a minimum of the 15th century) is little to medium in size, with a wedge-shaped head, long silky coat, and plumed tail.


Despite its sophisticated look, the Turkish Angora is known as a trickster and enjoys taking charge, however, enjoys showing love just as much as it loves causing trouble.


The Munchkin cat has no problem navigating the like its longer-limbed feline good friends– it just may take them a few extra steps along the way.


These adorable, curious cats are understood for snatching glossy objects, so do not be shocked if these “cute pies” borrow your preferred piece of jewelry. Munchkins make dedicated buddies, and they get along well with other felines, pets, and people. They like to battle and play with their long-legged feline friends.

5.Scottish Fold

Scottish Folds are usually intelligent, sweet-tempered, soft-spoken, and quickly adaptable to new individuals and situations. They are loyal and tend to bond with a single person in the home. While they will usually permit others to cuddle and pet them, their main accessory becomes rapidly clear as they single out their selected human.


They prosper on attention; however, it needs to be on their own terms. Regardless of their devotion, they are not clingy, demanding cats and generally choose to be near you rather than on your lap. Despite being folded, the Fold’s ears are still meaningful and swivel to listen, lay back in anger, and prick up when a can of food is opened.

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6.Maine Coon

The attractive and exceptionally affectionate Maine coons are the largest domesticated feline breed on the planet. Maine coon cats are as devoted and friendly as pet dogs. The Maine coon breed comes in a wide array of patterns and colors. They can be found in red, orange, cream, white, black, silver colors. The appealing coat of Maine coon cats is also water-resistant. The thick coat also helps them to stand up to in a severely cold environment. The big and round eyes of Maine coon cats been available in green, gold, copper, and white colors.



Though normally medium in size, the Himalayan’s masses of fur can make this type appear much larger than it in fact is. Kitten-like and playful, this cat is just as likely to be found curled in your lap as it is running around your house.



Birmans are affectionate, mild, and devoted buddies with an air of self-respect that appears to welcome adoration by their households. They are very intelligent and affectionate, according to some, are frequently very people-oriented. They will usually welcome visitors with interest instead of fear.

Because of their mild temperaments, Birmans are usually easy to manage, care for, and they make ideal family pets for anyone who wants peaceful companions that will offer love and affection.



This tiger looking Toyger feline breed was developed by the cross in between a standard Bengal tabby and a striped domestic short hair. It is likewise really tough to find this unique cat type outside the United States. The unique tiger-like marking is arbitrarily distributed on the light orange colored coat.

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Toyger cat has a medium-sized muscular body and weighs in between 4-6 kgs. The feline likewise has small rounded ears and a long tail. Toyger cats are lively and love to bond with people. Toygers are likewise among smart car breeds and can be easily trained. They also utilize their camouflage coat to capture little domestic animals.



The unusual look of the LaPerm is really the result of a spontaneous anomaly, which triggers its definitely curly coat. Surprisingly, this breed’s coat is in fact simple to groom and doesn’t shed much, though sometimes the LaPerm may go through a heavy shed period, after which its curly coat grows back thicker than before.


Incredible Facts about Cats
  • The average life of a cat is 2 – 16 years.
  • Crème Puff is said to be the oldest cat that lived for 38 years.
  • The cat named Stubbs was the mayor of Talkeetna in Alaska.
  • The first and only cat that was sent into space in 1963 was Félicette.
  • The cat sleeps for an average of 15 hours per day. So, cats spend almost 70% of their life in sleeping.
  • Cats lick their coats most of the time to keep them clean.
  • The gestation period of cat is 58 – 67 days.
  • The cat tongue has little spines called papillae and looks like tiny hooks.