Rocks and Types of Rocks

The solid material forming Earth’s crust is called rock. It is an aggregation of minerals. It may be composed of entirely of a single mineral such as in Rock Salt. But mostly rocks are made up of two or more types of minerals. Granite, for example, is made up of feldspar, quartz, and mica.

Lacustrine Fisheries


The fisheries of the lakes are described as Lacustrine Fisheries. Aquaculture is thought about as a practical resource of relatively affordable healthy protein of high organic value, specifically in developing countries where protein sources are limited.

Inflorescence: Definition and Types


Definition of Inflorescence The method of arrangement of a group of flowers is known as inflorescence. Most plants develop inflorescence but small flowers are inconspicuous so they collect together to form inflorescence. The main axis of the inflorescence is called a peduncle. A long unbranched leafless peduncle arising from the ground level is called a … Read more Inflorescence: Definition and Types