Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

Short for Internet Relay Chat, a chat system established by Jarkko Oikarinen in Finland in the late 1980s. IRC has actually ended up being preferred as more people get linked to the Internet because it enables individuals connected anywhere on the Internet to join in live discussions. Unlike older chat systems, IRC is not restricted to just 2 participants.

The model utilized for IRC

IRC follows the client-server model. It implies that both client and server software application is required in order to use it. Many IT (Infotech) clients are offered for various sort of computer systems, so whether you have PC, Macintosh, or UNIX work-section, you will have the ability to use IRC.

You can start a chat group (called a channel) or sign up with an existing one. There is a procedure for finding existing chat groups and their members. Depending on the kind of network, nicknames can be reserved (registered) or just utilized during the session. Some channels encourage you to register a nickname that you always utilize and even provide an area for a personal profile, image, and personal home page link.

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Popular continuous IRC channels are #hottub and #riskybus. A number of channels are established and carried out in foreign languages. The most typical IRC networks are IRCnet (primarily European), EFnet (primarily North American), Undernet, and Dalnet. Popular IRC clients include mIRC for Windows, IRCle for Mac OS, and IRC 2 (the original client) for UNIX-based operating systems.

In order to sign up with an IRC conversation, you should choose a username and a channel. Your username, also called a handle, can be whatever you desire. It might include letters and numbers, however not spaces.

A channel is a specific chat group within an IRC network where users can communicate with each other. Some networks release lists of offered channels, while others need you to manually go into channel names in order to join them. Channels constantly start with a hashtag followed by a name that represents their intended chat topic, such as “#teenchat,” “#politics,” or “#sports”. Some IRC channels need a password while others are open to the general public.

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While IRC was developed as a public chat service, it supports other functions such as private messaging and file transfers. For instance, you can utilize an IRC command (which generally begins with a forward slash “/”) to ask for a personal chat session with another user. Then you can use another IRC command to send out the user a file from your local system.

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a protocol for real-time text messaging between internet-connected computers. As of April 2011, the leading 100 IRC networks served over 500,000 users at a time on hundreds of thousands of channels.

IRC is a popular method used by botnet owners to send commands to the private computers in their botnet. This is done either on a specific channel, on a public IRC network, or on a separate IRC server. The IRC server containing the channel(s) that are used to control bots is described as a “command and control” or C2 server.

Some General Commands in IRC
  • / away (message): Leaves a message explaining to others why you are gone.
  • / clear: Clears the text from the current window.
  • / dcc chat (username): Opens a chat window with the username you specify.
  • / join (#channel): Joins a specific chat group, and opens the chat in a new window.
  • / me (action text): Enables you to do various actions showing the text in a different color.
  • / nick (username): Can change your username.
  • / ping (username): Pings the specified user, telling you how far they are in seconds. If it returns 10 seconds, it would take 10 seconds for that user to see your message.
  • / query (username) (message): Opens a new chat window to this user and then sends out a private message.
  • / who is (username): Reveals info about the specified user.