Some Bizarre and Weird Animal Behaviors


The activities animals perform during their lifetime are called animal behaviour. These activities are locomotion, feeding, breeding, the capture of prey, avoidance and protection from predators and social behaviours.

Animals have the ability to signaling. They show response to signals or stimuli. They carry out maintenance behaviour. They make choices and interact with one another.

The development of normal behaviour requires genes. These genes code for the development of structures and organs involved in the behavior. Environment and other organisms also play part in behaviours for example in protection from predators, animals develop camouflage behaviours.

The environment includes proper nourishment, water balance and other factors for the maintenance of development of normal behaviour patterns.

Some Bizarre and Weird Animal Behaviors

Though we have actually been coexisting with animals for many centuries, their unusual and fantastic habits still frequently leave us scratching our heads. Despite centuries of scientific study, we still find ourselves constantly finding new weird and surprising features of our animal brethren.

From a trout that fabricates an orgasm to a lizard that spews blood from its eyes, we’re honing in on the most extraordinary animal behavior out there. Evolution has taken wacky turns when fixing these animals’ issues.

1.Vibration of Japanese Honeybees

In Japan, native bees and hornets gruesomely battle. If more than one Asian giant hornet gets into a beehive, they will rip all the bees avoid, killing 20 insects per minute (thousands in a number of hours), and decimate the hive. However, the only method Asian giant hornets enter into the hive is by very first sending a scout to discover it.


Thankfully for the Japanese honeybees, they have a defense against the searching hornet: they cluster around the giant and vibrate very, extremely quickly. Together, the numerous buzzing bees generate a lot of heat that they cook the hornet to death.

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2.The Cheerleader Crabs


These small crabs, which determine just an inch approximately in size, have long captivated biologists. The curious creatures, which pass the nicknames of “boxer crabs” and “cheerleader crabs,” are always in possession of 2 stinging anemones. They clutch the polyps in their front claws, bearing a more than passing similarity to– depending on which method you look at it– boxing gloves or pom-poms.

3.The fainting goat


Myotonic goats, (aka freaking out goats’) would probably pass away easily in the wild. These goats faint when they get gone nuts. Fainting goats have a breed characteristic known as Myotonia Congenita, a condition in which the muscle cells experience extended contraction when the goat is startled. This triggers the goats’ muscles to freeze up when stressed, and they just fall right over. The tightness of the goat when it ‘faints’ varies from goat to goat.

4.Supersonic Snap

The pistol shrimp is a 2-centimeter shrimp from the subtropics. The shrimp stuns its victim (other shrimp) by snapping its claw so quickly that it makes a sound louder than a gunshot. The sound isn’t produced by the snap itself, however from the jet of water that shoots off from it. The tiny stream breaks out at 60 mph, making a low-pressure bubble in its wake. When this collapses, it produces a bang louder than a jet engine.


For a tiny fraction of a second, the temperature level in the bubble can end up being as hot as the sun.

5.The Blood Squirting Lizard

It’s a dangerous world out in nature, so animals have to develop good defenses unless they’re leading predators. For the little horned lizard, the danger is plentiful in the desert: hawks, roadrunners, bobcats, wolves, grasshopper mice, and more are all trying to eat it. The lizards suck at running, so they attempt to camouflage and blend in with their environments.

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However, that does not constantly work, so evolution got quite innovative: as a last-ditch defense, the lizards shoot blood out of their eyes. The nasty fluid goes right into the predator’s mouth, making them reconsider making a meal out of the horned lizard.

6.Crows that hold grudges

Crows are frequently name-checked amongst the brainiest of birds, and appropriately so. These black-feathered fliers have come up with ingenious survival hacks, including using cars in traffic to help them crack hard-shelled nuts and making tools to help them get otherwise out-of-reach food.


More just recently, they have actually also been credited with a most unusual animal skill: the ability to recognize specific human faces, which means these guys can (and do) hold animosities.

7.Isopods eat Fish tongues

The tongue-eating isopod wriggles its way into a rose snapper’s gills and after that drinks the blood out of the host’s tongue. Then the isopod ends up being a living tongue, assisting to grind food against the teeth on the roof of the fish’s mouth.